Before you pick a name there are two steps I encourage you take! First, write down three words that you would use to describe yourself. Yes, you! Examples: honest, nostalgic, romantic, fearless, elegant, adventurous, etc

Second, get on Pinterest! Pin a board of just things you love and look through it. Home decor, clothing, and branding pins are all good places to look close at. You should see a style come out of that.
Using these two steps as you pick a name will really help. When we design we always use Pinterest and the three words to use as a filter to make sure it all goes together!
1. Use your name
This is an age old battle in our industry. I hear people all the time say “I don’t want to use my name because it’s not original ” or “I would never use a business name.” I have heard it both ways. A few years ago something hit me at a conference and convinced me to change our name. Our business was Oh What Love and every review said “OWL is amazing” etc.. They never used our names. At the conference they mentioned that as photographers we should be valued as artists. You have never spoke of a painting and names off a company.. “You say that’s Vincent Van Gogh!”. I love the attitude that my value is that I am an artist. Andrew and I quickly realized we wanted people to talk about US and not our business. We wanted it to be personal!
2. Using a Business Name
I think there are rare occasions that a business name rather than your actual name works best! I have seen some really amazing photographers use business names that are so catchy and truly represent who they are! I believe if you have a business name it should be a part of who you are and mean something to you and your overall brand. That’s when it works best! Staying true to yourself is so important. Picking a random name isn’t going to work but picking a name that represents you well will.
1. Simple is best
Often times we think the logo has to say it all. Really, it doesn’t need to. Keeping your logo simple makes it more memorable. We always say if you could carve your logo out by hand in wood then it’s a good logo!
2. Don’t look 
We see this all the time. We get sent over 10 logos from Pinterest and that just doesn’t work. A brand should be a strong representation of who you are. There is no other you so looking around won’t help. Your three words, your style, your name… It’s all unique.
More to come on our next blog!