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I run Studio East Main and I am also run Andrew + Chrissy Photography with my husband. I am a girl behind a computer with a heart for other creatives and design! I have this unshakeable passion for design and desire to bring a vision to reality. I specialize in branding other creatives and coaching small businesses in their branding and marketing. More than anything, I am passionate about setting businesses up for success and setting them on a path moving only forward. I am a go-getter, a bit of dreamer. For me life is meant to be lived abundantly and I believe in chasing dreams. What I “do” is great and I am so proud of what we have accomplished over the course of the last seven years but more than anything I am so humbled to have my husband and our sweet girl Emlyn. Life is so fun, even when it is hard I can still say it is fun! Success is not measured by what you DO rather by what you GIVE. That is what life is about for me. I want to give in whatever capacity I can and design is just another way for me to serve and give with my whole heart. The following quote is one I hold on to and puts my heart for graphic design into perfect words.